Ubuntu 13.10 on my Inspiron 17R

Here are my different posts of notes getting my laptop setup with Ubuntu 13.10:

Ubuntu 13.10


For some reason, this install has had a lot of bugs.  Here’s a list, and I hope to publish articles as I figure out the solution to each of them:

  • Screen Freezes (seems to have started when I installed the touchpad driver) — Alt+Ctrl+F4, then Alt+F7 seems to fix the problem
  • Unplugging VGA connector does not switch settings back to single monitor
  • Closing lid after having multiple monitors and unplugging external monitor causes nasty screen effects (or suspending and waking back up)
  • Numerous crash dialogs on boot after login — fixed: see this post.
  • Skype sometimes leaves long static sound running
  • SQL Developer won’t start
  • Rhythmbox buggy — hangs a lot

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