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What App Can I Use for a Single Social Heaquarters?

This post is just a quick research into the different apps that attempt to unify all of the different social websites.  I just want one place to read the updates and one place to publish updates/thoughts.

For me, these are the sites that are on my radar:

Ok, so that’s the idea.  Here’s some applications that I found:

TweetDeck LogoTweetDeck


The interface looks cool.  It has multiple columns and you can add filters to show what you want in each column.  The only problem is that it seems limited to just one Twitter Account and/or one Facebook account.  Here’s the setting screen, and I don’t see where you can add anything else:

TweetDeck Settings Screen

Yoono Logo Yoono


This option looks pretty cool too.  They have a desktop app, browser app, and an iPhone app.  (What about Android?)  But, they don’t list Google Plus and Diaspora on their supported services list:

Yoono Supported Services

Hotot LogoHotot


This option looks very promising because of the extension support.  I couldn’t find any list of supported services, but it sounds like you could write an extension to support a new one if needed.  It is a desktop app with versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Gwibber LogoGwibber


This project is an open source Linux desktop client.  It came preinstalled on my latest Ubuntu installation, so I will probably play with it the most.  It also doesn’t have Google Plus or Diasport, so I need to do some research there.

Gwibber Supported Services


I will have to report back if I find a solution that works well for me.  In the meantime, can you help?  Please comment if you have some a useful tool or method that helps you keep up with the “social” world.

Ayatana Project

The other day, I ran across the Ayatana Project.  I guess that is the parent project for some of the applets at the top of the Ubuntu desktop.  The home for the project is here.

I noticed that they have a Evolution indicator.  A Thunderbird version might be nice, and a GMail version would be even better for me.

The indicator applet is what got me started looking at this project.  I currently have Empathy (allows me Google-Talk access) and Evolution in this applet.  I saw a question about Skype, which looked really great.  I would love to see what else they can put in here, like GMail, Skype, Facebook, etc.

Workaround for Posting Pictures to Facebook

I have tried the Facebook export tool for F-Spot, but I couldn’t get it to work.  Thanks to rvf0068, I have a bug report link, and hopefully the bug gets fixed soon.  In the meantime, this is what I have found that works:

  1. Select in F-Spot the photos you want to upload.  I have been creating a Facebook tag and applying that to the pictures I want to share via Facebook.  Then, I can search for that tag and highlight all of them with the tag.
  2. Go to Photo > Export to > Folder …
  3. Choose a temporary folder as the destination
  4. Choose “Save the files only” for the Export Method
  5. Log into the Facebook
  6. Go to Profile, then Photos
  7. Create a new Album
  8. Using the Java Applet, browse to the temporary folder and upload those pictures.

More F-Spot/Facebook Troubleshooting

I tried today to get the F-Spot export to Facebook working again(continuing from the other day).  I changed the default browser to Firefox, and I took my laptop to a different network.  When I came back, it asked me to login to Facebook and everything looked right.  But, the export tools just quits at this point:


I have left the tool like this for hours, and still nothing happens.

When I run from the command line:

f-spot --debug

I get:

[Debug 22:43:28.010] Authorizing Session
[Debug 22:43:28.546] Session established, fetching user info...
[Debug 22:43:28.811] Session established, fetching friend list...
[Debug 22:43:28.984] Session established, fetching friend details...
[Debug 22:43:29.663] Session established, fetching photo albums...

On a different note, I was able to get the zooomr export tool to work.  I used it to put the screenshot for this post in.