Month: December 2011

Using My Phone for My Bible

A long time ago, I wrote about a an app called MySword.  Well, I have gotten to the point that I use that program exclusively for my Bible on my phone.  Let me walk you through how I use it, and please let me know if you have any suggestions.

You can install it from here:

Android Market: MySword from Riversoft Information System

Here are some of the advantages of using my phone like this over a regular Bible:

  • I mostly have it with me all the time — no need to carry something additional
  • Search — if someone mentions a verse without the reference, I can find it.
  • Commentaries, Strongs, etc.
  • Taking notes all in the same place

So, here’s what I do.  On one of my screens, I put the MySword on my desktop with BuzzOff.  (The BuzzOff allows me to turn the ringer off easily.)

Desktop with MySword on it

The first thing you will want to do is get all of the Modules that you want to use.  First, open the menu and choose the more option:

MySword Menu

On the more menu, you can choose to Download Modules:

Download Modules Menu Option

From the Download Modules Screen, you can get the different modules that you want:

Download Modules Screen

Another thing that took me a bit to figure out was how to get rid of the Strongs numbers.  I finally determined that you can switch them on and off by changing between KJV and KVJ Lite:

MySword: Bible Versions

Looking up versions works fine.  I like the way Virtue Bible works where you can see all of Bible Books at one time, but this works.  Maybe I could recommend that as a new feature — different verse selection options.  Here’s what the verse selector looks like:

MySword: Verse Selector

When I take notes, I use the Journal:

Select Journal Module

There are different types of Journals, and I am using the “My Church Notes”.

MySword: Journal Type

Here’s the New button and Edit button for creating notes:

New and Editing Journals

The one issue I found is that I can’t view a verse while editing the notes.  So, when the pastor makes reference to a verse, I have to Save the notes, go the passage, then go back and edit again.  So, there’s another feature request.

I still need to figure out how to:

  • Sync my “Journal”/Church Notes back to my computer/Xiphos
  • Convert my Sword modules from Xiphos to MySword

All in all, I really like the program, and I would recommend it as a Bible program for anyone.

ICS on HD2: Camera Now Somewhat Works!

This is a nice Christmas present: the camera now somewhat works on Tytung’s ICS Rom.

Here’s a screenshot just after I took a picture:

Camera on ICS

The preview doesn’t work.  As you can see, it is just black.  You can see the tiny thumbnail of the Christmas tree picture that I took though.  When I select the thumbnail, it comes up like this:

Picture Taken with ICS

Unfortunately, the phone keeps rebooting with the Camera application.  I still not exactly sure what causes it.  I tried to capture a log, but the app/phone wouldn’t cooperate.  EdJones88 posted a work around to keep it from rebooting, but it is kind of impractical as far as I am concerned.

You can checkout my list of ICS Roms and watch as the ROM developers get things working.

Software to Watch: Vi Everywhere!

I made an effort several years ago to learn the vi key commands, and I have learned to like that user interface.  The key combinations may take a bit to learn, but once you learn them, you can move around and edit quickly.  I am always up for adding the Vi interface to more and more.

I found a web browser that uses similar key combinations:

S3hh Blog: Vimprobable web browser

You can read more about Vimprobable on the SourceForge Project Homepage.

To install the browser, I added the repository with this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:serge-hallyn/vimprobable
sudo apt-get update

I used the Software Center to install it:

Installing Vimprobable

Or, you could just run:

sudo apt-get install vimprobable2

After it installs, you should find it in your menu:

Vimprobable in the Menu

Here’s what the browser looks like:


You can use J and K to move up and down in the page.  o will open a page in the current window.  / will search.  f will follow links.  y will copy the URL of your current page.  H goes back to the previous page.  You see the complete list on the Keybindings page.

The f command is pretty cool.  You can select your link with a number.  I pressed f on the project home page and I can go to the keybindings page by pressing 4.

Follow mode in Vimprobable

The open command will also search when you don’t enter a URL.  I typed “o digitaleagle”, and I got this:

Vimprobable Search

If you’re not ready to bite off a whole new browser, you can settle for a plugin.  S3hh also mentions a few more plugins to Chrome and Firefox:

I’ll spend some time messing with the vrome.  I’ll have to report back after some time using it.

If I had a request for a vim-like tool, I would ask for a compiz-fusion tool.  I want something where I can use vim-like keyboard shortcuts to navigate and control windows.  Maybe it could use the F12 key or scroll lock instead of Escape.

If you’re still not satisfied with these tools, here are some more that I ran across in my search.  (I didn’t have a chance to try all of them out):

Swype Works on ICS for me

I read on Engadget that Swipe was having some troubles on Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich.  Of course, they are talking about the Galaxy Nexus, and I am running it on my HD2, so maybe that is why it is different.  Here’s what it looks like:

Swype in Action

I installed the Swype from their beta website.  If you want to get your own you can head here:

Swype Beta

Here’s a few more screenshots:

Swype in Settings

And here’s the actual settings for Swype.

Swype Settings

Troubleshooting: Fixing Mono Compiler Issue

I tried to open Gnome-RDP in Monodevelop, and this is the error that I get:

Could not obtain a C# compiler.  C# compiler not found for Mono / .NET 3.5.

Could not obtain a c# compiler.  C# compiler not found for Mono / .NET 3.5.

The fix is to simply change the compiler target on the project’s properties.  Right click on the project and choose “Options”.

MonoDevelop - Project Options Menu

Then, change the runtime version.

Project Options, Runtime Version

Changing it to 4.0 fixes the project.

4.0 Version

You may need to accept a message like this:

Select File Format


Ask Ubuntu: Could not obtain c# compiler error when using monodevelop

Installing MS Office on Ubuntu 11.10

To exist in a world dominated by Microsoft products, you have to be able to coexist with others using those products.  That includes connecting to shares via Samba, using remote desktop, and opening Office documents.  When it comes to office documents, Libre Office does the job for the most part.  I have had pretty good success using Libre Office even with Microsoft Office files.  The problem comes when you bounce a document back and forth between Libre Office and Microsoft Office.

If you are working in a team with other Microsoft Office users, you are going to have to break down and install Microsoft Office.  Below you will see the screenshots of how I installed Office.  At the end, you can find other methods.

Read More

List of Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs for HD2

I have seen a flurry of activity on the XDA Forums for development of Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0.  So, I wanted to create my own little list of ROM threads.

Here’s a list of what I have found so far:


If you want to watch the fun with me, check out this list of ROMS:


Note: I found an article on Engadget that suggests that we need to wait until January for ICS on Cyanogen.

On a side note, Engadget pointed out that my old phone (the G1) now has ICS, too!  ICS is getting around!