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Installing Brother Scanner Driver

I have an old article about installing the scanner driver for our Brother MFC 8840D Fax/Scanner/Copier/Printer.  That was when things were simpler.  Brother hasn’t kept up to date on their drivers, so I am updating this article.


I downloaded the driver from Brother’s Website.  Mine uses the brscan driver, not the brscan2.  You can tell which one to use based on the model number listed on the download page.


I tried to install with the Ubuntu Software Center.  It gives you some error messages when you do that.  The official instructions say that you are supposed to install it like this:

sudo dpkg --force-all -i brscan-0.2.4-0.amd64.deb

I added my printer using this command:

brsaneconfig -a name=BrotherScanner model="MFC-8840D" ip=

To make sure that it installed, look at the bottom of the output of this command:

brsaneconfig -q

Now, after all of that, it wouldn’t work.  Come to find out, it puts the library files in the wrong directory.  Thanks to Chargen, I found an easy fix:

for driver in /usr/lib64/sane/*; do sudo ln -s $driver /usr/lib/sane/$(basename $driver); done

And, run this one, too.

for lib in /usr/lib64/*; do sudo ln -s $lib /usr/lib/$(basename $lib); done

That fixed the problem!


Setting up Remote Scanning

At first, I couldn’t scan from my laptop with the scanner connect to my server.  So, here’s what I found to make it work.

First, this is my setup.  I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 installed.  I use it wirelessly in my house.  Then, I have an HP Printer Scanner Copier 1315 hooked to my Home “server”.  That “server” is more of a desktop with server responsibilities, but it is also running Ubuntu 12.04.

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Using a Brother MFC 8840D with Ubuntu

Today, I tried to make our Brother MFC 8840D Fax/Scanner/Copier/Printer work with my Laptop that has Ubuntu on it.  I am currently running Hardy Heron 8.04 on it.  Here is what I did:

Downloaded the brscan driver as a .deb file.

I installed sane and xsane, but they were already installed:

sudo apt-get install sane xsane

Then, I installed the driver package:

 sudo dpkg -i brscan-0.2.4-0.i386.deb

Then, I configured it with:

 brsaneconfig -a name=BrotherScanner model="MFC-8840D" ip=

I checked the configuration with:

brsaneconfig -q

These lines looked correct:

Devices on network
  0 BrotherScanner      "MFC-8840D"         I:

I used xsane to scan, and everything worked fine — just like my printer/scanner at home.


Model Compatibility List and Download

Installation Instructions