Setting up Remote Scanning

At first, I couldn’t scan from my laptop with the scanner connect to my server.  So, here’s what I found to make it work.

First, this is my setup.  I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 installed.  I use it wirelessly in my house.  Then, I have an HP Printer Scanner Copier 1315 hooked to my Home “server”.  That “server” is more of a desktop with server responsibilities, but it is also running Ubuntu 12.04.

I am not sure if this is required or not, but on both the server and the laptop, I installed libsane-extras:

Then, I found this guide to help open it up for the network: Ubuntu Documentation: Sharing a Scanner Over a Network

Here’s the steps that I had to take:

  • updated /etc/default/saned — set RUN = yes
  • updated /etc/sane.d/saned.conf — updated to my subnet: 192.168.<my subnet>.0/24
  • sudo adduser saned lp

I was able to start the service with:

sudo service saned restart

Finally, on my laptop, I had to add the server’s IP address to /etc/sane.d/net.conf.

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