Month: December 2013

Ubuntu 13.10 Bugs: Gnome-Settings-Daemon Crash

Originally, when I would first boot up, I would get numerous errors about the Gnome-Settings-Daemon crashing.  Here’s my research into fixing those.

A note on Ask Ubuntu mentioned installing libgnome-desktop 3.8.4….

I used Synaptic Package Manager to see that “libgnome-desktop-3-7” was already at 3.8.4-ubuntu1.1.  Just as a guess, I tried installing “libgnome-desktop-2-17“.

That actually fixed the error messages on boot up!  I also noticed that it fixed some of the programs that didn’t look quite right.  The theme was broken for some reason, and this fixed it.

Note: I think that some of this might be related to installing Nvidia Prime.

Update: I used Synaptic to uninstall the “libgnome-desktop-2-17” package, and my problems didn’t come back.  So, that must not have been the exact problem.  Maybe some dependency to that package was the problem or it was something that didn’t completely uninstall.


Adding Fonts

I was working on trying to throw together a fancy looking document, and I needed a calligraphy font.  Fortunately, it was pretty easy to install the fonts.

Basically, I just placed the ttf file into a folder under /usr/share/fonts/truetype.  To make it easier, I opened that folder up with root privileges.

sudo nautilus /usr/share/fonts/truetype

Then, I created a folder called “myfonts”. I copied the .ttf files into that new folder. These are the fonts that caught my eye for my needs:

Finally, I ran this command to refresh the font list:

sudo fc-cache -f -v

After that, I reopened Gimp, and I could see the font there available for use.