Month: January 2007

Returning the Laptop

If you haven’t followed the story, my laptop called it quits on me, and I made the mistake of buying another HP Laptop. The HP had problems written all over it, and the best choice would be to return it to the Circuit City.

I was kind of in a rush since I had a business trip the next week. If I waited until after the business trip, it would be too late. Also, I needed a laptop for the business trip, so I had

to both return the laptop and replace it all in a matter of days.

I returned the laptop to Circuit City during a lunch break, and it took a lot longer than I expected, although most of it was driving time. I think that is why I wasn’t more cautious like I should have been.

When I got to the store, the clerk told me that I had to exchange the laptop for the exact same model or pay a restocking fee. The restocking fee was quit expensive, but I was also very upset with HP. So, I opted to pay the restocking fee, and didn’t have time to argue. I did ask several times if it had to be the same model and if there was any way to get around the fee since it was defective. No luck!

I called both the store and the Circuit City head quarters, but neither helped. They told me that I could have exchanged it for any laptop of equal or higher price. I would have done that had I known I didn’t have to get the same model, but I had already bought one from Comp USA when they told me.

Bottom line, I will check into the restocking fee better next time I buy something. I don’t think I will buy from Circuit City again either.