Month: November 2019

OneNote, I’m Done With You?

Long ago, I was using a Google Notebook that has since been killed by Google and migrated into Google Docs. Then, I switched to Evernote for tracking all manner of information. When Evernote decided to limit the number of devices you could use, I switched to OneNote. I was already paying for the Office 365 subscription so it just made sense to me rather than paying for another product from Evernote.

OneNote has never worked on Linux. The saving grace is that they have a webapp that works just fine. I simply pin my work notebook and my personal notebook tabs in Chrome. It gets the job done. Plus, I have the android app so that I can access the information from my phone while out and about.

What’s changed? I’ve gotten frustrated with sync errors. It’s at the point that OneNote is unreliable, and I can’t depend that it will actually save. I left a question mark on the title of this article because I want to change, but I’m unsure of what to change to. So, the decision isn’t quite made yet.

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Canberra Annoyance

I keep seeing this message periodically when launching things from the command line. For example, I launched keepass2, and I get this message:

Gtk-Message: 20:24:04.576: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"

Here’s the simple fix … install the libcanberra-gtk-module. Here’s the command-line:

sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module

That fixed my problem! Note: the only symptom was just the warning on the console. I didn’t notice any other issues caused by not having that module.