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Java + Compiz

I have been having trouble with getting blank Windows with my Java programs.  The problem first appeared in programs I was working on in Eclipse, but then I found other programs I had downloaded from SourceForge also had the same problem.  Apparently, the problem comes from a conflict with Compiz-Fusion and Java.

Here is the solution:

Add the following line to /etc/environment —


You possibly need to reboot for this change to take effect.

When I did this I got this error:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can't load library: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/lib/i386

The problem appears to be caused by using OpenJDK.  The solution was to use Sun’s JDK.  This post will not go into detail about how to switch, but here are some things to consider:

  • Install Sun’s JDK with Add/Remove Programs, apt-get, etc.
  • Use update-alternatives to point the OS to the correct Java Home
  • Run java -version to check that the correct version is in use
  • Update the installed JVMs in the Eclipse preferences to make sure that Eclipse is lauching programs with the correct JVM


Customizing Fedora 9

Now that my 3D driver is working, I can play with making things look nice (or, at least different).  Here are some of the things I did:

Installed the Zekton font.  To do so, I downloaded the tar file.  I unzipped it into my Download directory and copied the files to /usr/share/fonts/zekton.

I installed Emerald and got it working.  I lost track of the steps that I went through, and so, I am not the best resource for how to do this.  But, basically, I installed the emerald package from yum along with the compiz-fusion packages.

One package that was very helpful was the ccsm package.  It provided a menu by the clock that would allow me to pick Emerald as the Window decorator or restart it if something broke.  It also had a quick link to the emerald settings and the compiz settings.  To get it to start automatically, I had to add “fusion-icon” to the session (System > Preferences > Personal > Sessions).

Next, I downloaded and installed the Smoke theme.  I used the Emerald Theme Manager to install the theme, and then, I tweaked it a little:

  • Changed the Title/Text Font to “Zekton Bold | 10”
  • Changed the Minimum Title Bar Height to 9
  • Vertical Button Offset to 2
  • Horizontal Button Offset to 4

I tried to update the login screen, but that proved to be a little more difficult.  Here are some links that might help, if you want to try it:


Installing Beryl

Beryl is the eye-candy effects for X-Windows. I have heard it compared to Windows’ Aero. It allows windows to shake like jello as you drag them and display previews of windows as you hover over them on the task bar.


Used yum to install: beryl-gnome

Note: This is a meta-package that will install the necessary packages.

Resolving Problems

I had to remove previously installed nvidia driver libraries:
[skp@localhost lib64]$ ls lib*9631

Starting Automatically

I created this script: /usr/local/bin/start-beryl
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/nvidia/ beryl-manager

I had to make it executable:
chmod a+x start-beryl

From the command-line, I ran gnome-session-properties and:

  • on Startup Programs
  • clicked add — /usr/local/bin/start-beryl


Install Beryl on Fedora Core

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