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F-Spot and Picasa

I have started to use F-Spot, and I like it pretty well.  There are a few things I don’t like such as the Facebook plugin not working and it taking so long to tag all of the pictures, but for the most part I have really liked the program.  The other day, I exported a group of my pictures to a folder and created a gallery.  I was really impressed.

But, I was talking with my Mom about a problem to manage pictures, and Picasa came up.  She is using Windows, and I couldn’t find any articles about running F-Spot in Windows.

When I looked into Picasa, the features looked pretty impressive.  It still looks like it runs in a Wine environment though, and F-Spot is more of a native application.  I guess it really doesn’t matter if it is stable and fast.  I think I had a few stability issues when I was using it way back when.

The other big thing I saw was that they had facial recognition features in Picasa.  I would like to see that in F-Spot and see it help tag people in my pictures.  I did run across a blog talking about implementing this feature.  On his iWuds page, he says that it is in progress.  It sounds like though that it has been talked about since 2007.  Here is an idea on Brainstorm as well.

I see that I am not the only one thinking about switching.  I think though that I am going to hold out a little long for F-Spot, but I will hold the conversion scripts handy.

Workaround for Posting Pictures to Facebook

I have tried the Facebook export tool for F-Spot, but I couldn’t get it to work.  Thanks to rvf0068, I have a bug report link, and hopefully the bug gets fixed soon.  In the meantime, this is what I have found that works:

  1. Select in F-Spot the photos you want to upload.  I have been creating a Facebook tag and applying that to the pictures I want to share via Facebook.  Then, I can search for that tag and highlight all of them with the tag.
  2. Go to Photo > Export to > Folder …
  3. Choose a temporary folder as the destination
  4. Choose “Save the files only” for the Export Method
  5. Log into the Facebook
  6. Go to Profile, then Photos
  7. Create a new Album
  8. Using the Java Applet, browse to the temporary folder and upload those pictures.

More F-Spot/Facebook Troubleshooting

I tried today to get the F-Spot export to Facebook working again(continuing from the other day).  I changed the default browser to Firefox, and I took my laptop to a different network.  When I came back, it asked me to login to Facebook and everything looked right.  But, the export tools just quits at this point:


I have left the tool like this for hours, and still nothing happens.

When I run from the command line:

f-spot --debug

I get:

[Debug 22:43:28.010] Authorizing Session
[Debug 22:43:28.546] Session established, fetching user info...
[Debug 22:43:28.811] Session established, fetching friend list...
[Debug 22:43:28.984] Session established, fetching friend details...
[Debug 22:43:29.663] Session established, fetching photo albums...

On a different note, I was able to get the zooomr export tool to work.  I used it to put the screenshot for this post in.

Annoyances with Uploading Photos to Facebook

I have been trying to get my photo programs to upload to Facebook, but they just don’t want to work.  There are no solutions here yet, but if anyone has any tips, I’d be glad to hear about them.  Does Facebook not like Linux?  Is it the Chrome that is conflicting?

I could always just upload the photos one by one the manual way.  But, what programmer or Linux geek wants to do that?  We would rather spend more time hacking the automatic tools than it would take to do it manually!

F-Spot to Facebook

Since upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10, I decided to give F-Spot a try.  For a while, Ubuntu has been offering to import photos every time I plug the camera in.  So far, I like all the features, and it has been working great.

The Facebook export doesn’t work though.  I am kind of disappointed because that could be really nice.  First, I found that I had to enable it.  For some reason, it won’t log in once enabled.  It just stops at “Session established, fetching photo albums…”.  I have Chrome as my default browser, and I wondered if that had something to do with it.

G1 to Facebook

I was able to take a picture using the Facebook application and post it on Facebook.  But, I have tried several times to share a picture from the Gallery application.  When I installed the Facebook application, the Gallery added a new sharing option to share with Facebook.  When I share a picture, it asks me to add a caption, and allows me to upload.  The problem is that it just sits there at 0% and never finishes.

With both problems, I can’t find any error messages or any log that would help with searching for answers.  So, for now, I am stuck.  I guess I am up to the manual upload methods.