Category: Instant Messaging

Ayatana Project

The other day, I ran across the Ayatana Project.  I guess that is the parent project for some of the applets at the top of the Ubuntu desktop.  The home for the project is here.

I noticed that they have a Evolution indicator.  A Thunderbird version might be nice, and a GMail version would be even better for me.

The indicator applet is what got me started looking at this project.  I currently have Empathy (allows me Google-Talk access) and Evolution in this applet.  I saw a question about Skype, which looked really great.  I would love to see what else they can put in here, like GMail, Skype, Facebook, etc.

Google Talk with Linux

I read this thread today regard Google’s Instant Message service, Google Talk.  I picked up a few tools that appear to allow you to use Google Talk natively in Linux.  I tried both on my Ubuntu 8.10 system, and appeared to work although I haven’t given them a thorough test.

First Option: IMO — an online service that allows you to connect from an online page.  It supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM / ICQ, Google Talk, MySpace, and Skype.

Second Option: Empathy — an instant message application.  I found it in the Respositories for Ubuntu and it installed with no problems.

Empathy on Wikipedia

The one thing I wish empathy would do is Skype.  I have to use Skype for work, and it would be nice to have one tool for both.