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Ubuntu 14.04: Virtualization

This is a continuation of my series on installing Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr.  My previous post covered going through the different media programs that I installed back onto my laptop.  In this post, I’ll install Virtualbox to allow using virtual machines.  If you would like to see the complete list of posts, check out my Ubuntu 14.04 install page.

Last time, I just downloaded the deb package from Virtualbox’s Download website.  This time, they showed that they have a respository.  By installing from the repository, it should keep Virtualbox up to date.

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Fixing NAT for Virtual Box on Ubuntu

For some reason, NAT quit working for me in Virtual Box.  Everything works fine, but the machines won’t connect to the Internet unless I change them to bind to a particular adapter.  The problem is that I use different adapters based on my location.  At the office, I have a docking station and the network goes through the USB connector.  At home, I use wireless.  So, when I bind, I have to remember to change the adapter for it to work.  If I use NAT, it doesn’t matter.

So, here’s how I found I could fix NAT to work again.

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