Month: February 2007

Installing Beryl

Beryl is the eye-candy effects for X-Windows. I have heard it compared to Windows’ Aero. It allows windows to shake like jello as you drag them and display previews of windows as you hover over them on the task bar.


Used yum to install: beryl-gnome

Note: This is a meta-package that will install the necessary packages.

Resolving Problems

I had to remove previously installed nvidia driver libraries:
[skp@localhost lib64]$ ls lib*9631

Starting Automatically

I created this script: /usr/local/bin/start-beryl
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/nvidia/ beryl-manager

I had to make it executable:
chmod a+x start-beryl

From the command-line, I ran gnome-session-properties and:

  • on Startup Programs
  • clicked add — /usr/local/bin/start-beryl


Install Beryl on Fedora Core

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