F-Spot and Picasa

I have started to use F-Spot, and I like it pretty well.  There are a few things I don’t like such as the Facebook plugin not working and it taking so long to tag all of the pictures, but for the most part I have really liked the program.  The other day, I exported a group of my pictures to a folder and created a gallery.  I was really impressed.

But, I was talking with my Mom about a problem to manage pictures, and Picasa came up.  She is using Windows, and I couldn’t find any articles about running F-Spot in Windows.

When I looked into Picasa, the features looked pretty impressive.  It still looks like it runs in a Wine environment though, and F-Spot is more of a native application.  I guess it really doesn’t matter if it is stable and fast.  I think I had a few stability issues when I was using it way back when.

The other big thing I saw was that they had facial recognition features in Picasa.  I would like to see that in F-Spot and see it help tag people in my pictures.  I did run across a blog talking about implementing this feature.  On his iWuds page, he says that it is in progress.  It sounds like though that it has been talked about since 2007.  Here is an idea on Brainstorm as well.

I see that I am not the only one thinking about switching.  I think though that I am going to hold out a little long for F-Spot, but I will hold the conversion scripts handy.

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