ICS on HD2: Camera Now Somewhat Works!

This is a nice Christmas present: the camera now somewhat works on Tytung’s ICS Rom.

Here’s a screenshot just after I took a picture:

Camera on ICS

The preview doesn’t work.  As you can see, it is just black.  You can see the tiny thumbnail of the Christmas tree picture that I took though.  When I select the thumbnail, it comes up like this:

Picture Taken with ICS

Unfortunately, the phone keeps rebooting with the Camera application.  I still not exactly sure what causes it.  I tried to capture a log, but the app/phone wouldn’t cooperate.  EdJones88 posted a work around to keep it from rebooting, but it is kind of impractical as far as I am concerned.

You can checkout my list of ICS Roms and watch as the ROM developers get things working.

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