Month: June 2010

Lirc Remote Revisited

Back in May, I had posted an issue with lirc, Mythbuntu, and my MceUsb2 Remote.  The final solution ended up being just waiting some time, running the update manager to update the machine, and trying again.

If you didn’t see the comments, Orlovsky did post a helpful link to a bug.  My attempt was going to be to try to remove the old kernels and see if that would fix it.  But, like I said, some update fixed it in the meantime — I am grateful to the community.

To be complete, my remote is AVS Gear GP-IR02BK Vista 2 channel IR Remote Control.  It seems to work pretty well with Mythbuntu. has a good resource for configuring the remote.

Linux at Google

In catching up on my RSS feeds, I found a flurry of articles about Google switching away from Windows because of the Chinese hack.  This sounds exciting to me because it probably means that the Linux community will grow.

The articles say that Google employs more than 10,000 people.  They have a choice of going to Apple, but surely a decent number of them will choose Linux.  The other encouraging thing is that many of them are probably programmers.  So, I would hope that this would mean more contributions to the desktop features of Linux.


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