Great Link: Backup Programs List

Before upgrading my laptop to Ubuntu 10.04, I wanted to backup my data.  I found this list of backup utilities:

TechRepublic: 10 outstanding Linux backup utilities

I chose to install sbackup, but it didn’t work so hot for me.  It kicked off the process to start backing up, and I liked the interface the way I could choose what I wanted backed up.  But, what I didn’t like is that the process ran in the background, and I couldn’t see any status of the backup or confirm that it was running.  I thought for sure that I chose the destination as my external drive, but it began backing up to /var/backup instead, and it filled up my drive.

Once I found and deleted that backup, I ended up just using a GUI front-end to rsync.  I think it was the grsync one.  If you do a search for “rsync” in synaptic, you will see a number of options.

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