Dell 1320c Laser Printer on Ubuntu 13.04

I have long wanted to get my office’s color printer working, and I think that I finally found it.  The printer is a Dell 1320c and to make it a little more challenging, it’s hooked to a LinkSys PSUS4 Print Server so as to make it a network printer.  Others are using it from their Windows computers in the office, but this is the first time anyone has tried with a Linux computer.

Here’s what I found…

I found on a Dell Forum, that the Dell 1320c printer will actually work with the DocuPrint C525A driver.  So, my next quest was to figure out how to download that driver.

The links have changed over the years, so I had to search for the driver download.  I basically found my way to the Australia Fuji Xerox website and searched for “DocuPrint C525A”.  I downloaded the driver for Linux.  It was a zip file that contained another RPM file.

I extracted the driver with:


Then, I went into the new directory created:

cd C525A_LinuxE

I extracted the RPM file with file roller:

file-roller Fuji_Xerox-DocuPrint_C525_A_AP-1.0-1.i386.rpm

Finally, I opened up nautlius with root priviledges and copied the files into their appropriate places:

sudo nautilus

Then, I used that to copy my extracted files into the /usr directory.

Copying Printer Driver

Next, I added a new printer and searched for the printer by IP addresss.  I found that I had to use the LPR protocol.  I looked up the Queue on a Windows machine that already had it installed.

Finding the Printer

I chose to provide a PPD file.  I found the ppd file in the directory: /usr/share/cups/model/FujiXerox/en.

Choosing the Driver

I found that I needed to choose the Optional Tray Module (or at least I think I did).

Printer Options

I entered the printer description:

Printer Description

Finally, the printer kept trying to use the bypass instead of picking the paper out of the tray.  So, I had to change the paper source option to Auto:

Changing the Paper Source

After all of that, it finally worked!


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