Using sha1sum to Verify CDs

Verify an iso image

The simple way:

sha1sum Fedora-7-Live-i686.iso

If an sha1sum file was delivered with the iso image, you can use this command.

sha1sum -c SHA1SUM

The -c tells the program to read files out of the SHA1SUM text file and generate sha1sums on all of those files. Then, it compares the generated value to the value in the text file and tells you if it matches.

Verify a CD

Use this after you have burn the iso image to the CD.

sha1sum /dev/hdc

The source that I found says to use the actual device rather than a link (instead of /dev/cdrom).

Using Windows

Versions of md5sum for Windows:

You can get sha1sum from here:


Verify downloaded iso integrity with md5sum or sha1sum

sha1sum(1) – Linux man page

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