NVidia Drivers for Fedora 9 Update

Ok, Fedora 9 was released yesterday, and the driver issue was not fixed.

As far as I can find on the Internet, Xorg 7.4 is supposed to come out this month (May 2008).  An exact date is not mentioned anywhere.  I read somewhere that NVidia will wait until Xorg releases the version before releasing their driver.

In the meantime, RandR is my goal.  I want to take advantage of this new feature:
Xorg RandR 1.2 howto


The Progress of X.Org 7.4

Email on Fedora’s Involvement

X.Org Website

4 thoughts on “NVidia Drivers for Fedora 9 Update

  1. The Fedora Project group really screwed the pooch on this one … I have nVidia cards on both my work and home systems, and now have unusable machines in both places. 🙁

    I’ve seen some workarounds, but don’t have the patience to try and load the old FC8 Xorg drivers at the moment. I’ve been trying to sell Fedora Core to friends and family, but this recent disappointment makes me doubt what I’m dealing.

    I understand the arguments for and against releasing Fedora Core 9 with the prerelease Xorg server, but … wish I would have known I have to wait even longer, after I was so excited to see that countdown timer go to zero. 🙁

  2. I know exactly what you mean. So many times I’ve told friends Fedora is awesome and amazing but unless you’re up to risking your system to wait-times for upgrades, then it’s just not an option. So far Ubuntu is the only one I’ve seen that has the right path for Unix for “real” users.

  3. Well, X.org 7.4 was supposed to come out some 3 months ago. Thats why they included it in Fedora 9. Not their fault that X.org went way beyond their own deadline. I think people should try to set their release dates rather a little late than too early. That way these things won’t happen. But then – we DO always want the latest stuff. Thats one of the trademarks of Fedora …

  4. The cutting edge is a neat place to be, if you don’t mind getting cut a few times. Truth is, cutting edge isn’t mature. If you want a great running system that works all the time, run the last version..at least for a few/several months after a new release, that is if you can’t afford to get “burned” or you just tire of similar problems with each new release.

    So…you can still sell your friends and family on Fedora, just recommend Fedora 8 for the time being. Get them one of the late respins. We all know these problems are nothing new. Have fun with it. Hack it up, find the work-arounds and fixes. The community is great about getting things done.

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