Introduction to Gnome-RDP

Gnome-RDP is a great tool for the linux desktop if you make remote connections to other PCs on a routine basis.  It supports RDP, SSH, and VNC connections.  Once you set up the connections, it stores the settings in a database.  Then, you can easily connect to them with just a simple click.

Here are some screenshots so that you can see what it does and what it looks like before you use it.

Here is the main window.  From here, you can add new connections or change the settings for an existing connection.  If you double click on a connection, it will open it.

main by you.
Below is the about screen:
about by you.

Once you start Gnome-RDP, you should see an icon by your clock.  If you click on the icon it will bring up the main window. If you right click on the icon, it will display a shortcut menu for you to launch the desired connection.

clock-menu by you.

Here are the connection properties for a remote desktop connection.

rdp1 by you.

Here are additional options for a remote desktop connections:

rdp2 by you.

Here the connection properties for an SSH connection:

ssh1 by you.

Here are the additional properties for an SSH connection:

ssh2 by you.

Here are the properties for a VNC connection:

vnc by you.

Here are the additional properties for a VNC connection:

vnc2 by you.

So, I hope that you can get a feel for what the program can do.  Now, check it out on SourceForge:

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  1. Can you explain in detail how to us this program to access a computer on the internet behind a router thank you

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