Linux Evaluation

Just recently, I came across a very interesting evaluation of Ubuntu from a Mac User’s perspective:

Two Days Without Mac OS X Leopard: Ubuntu 8.10 Review

One of the most interesting things is how a supposed Linux newbie can point out applications that I hadn’t heard of even though I have been working with Linux for quite some time.  I don’t if that is a mark against me or if there is something to be said for fresh perspectives.

I noticed the part about Quicksilver, but Gnome-Do was not mentioned until the comments.  Should Gnome-Do be installed by defaults or should the settings have something there that would install it when enabled?

The fonts was interesting, and I went through the tutorial that he mentioned.

Also, the mumbles was interesting.  I am giving that one a try too.

I have noticed issues with the sound, and it is nice to know that I am not the only one having those issues.  I thought maybe it was the hardware on my PC.

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