Ubuntu 9.04

I finally upgraded to Ubuntu 9.04  last weekend.  My wireless card quit working.  I tried several things like reinstalling the broadcom driver and all, but it wouldn’t work in Ubuntu 8.10.  I thought “”what would it hurt”, I will probably have to reinstall anyway.

The upgrade went with no problems, but it still didn’t fix my wireless problem.  I finally determined that my problem was with the network-manager and not my driver because I could see it with ifconfig.  So, I completely removed the network-manager, rebooted, and reinstalled.  Still no luck.  So, I was sitting on the couch programming with no Internet, and it just started working again!

I have noticed a few things working better!  First, when I do my dual screens, I noticed that it now places my Applications bar on the laptop screen.  Before, it didn’t seem to matter how I switched to dual screens, it would place my Applications bar on the other monitor.


Thread used for info on reinstalling network-manager

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