Hacking Gnome-RDP

The Gnome-RDP application has been very helpful to me in connecting to various remote machines.  So, I have been trying to contribute a few changes here and there.  Here is how I have been making my patches to contribute:

Step 1: Check out the Source Code

svn co https://gnome-rdp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gnome-rdp gnome-rdp

Step 2: Create a copy for comparing

cp -r gnome-rdp gnome-rdp-compare

Step 3: Compare and Copy my changes into what I checked out

meld previous/gnome-rdp-svn/branches/experimental gnome-rdp/branches/experimental/

Step 4: Create the patch

diff -Naur gnome-rdp-compare/branches/experimental/ gnome-rdp/branches/experimental/ > change.patch

Step 5: Publish the Patch

I created a new bug in the launchpad bug tracker, and I attached the patch there.

Here are the patches I have done so far:

I am most definitely welcome to suggestions for anything that I am doing wrong or could do easier.

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