Moving a WordPress Blog

No one probably needs instructions on how to move a blog from one site to another, but this will give me a chance to try out my new site.  I am moving from my old location on to my new personal website.  So, here it goes:

First, you have to export your old site to a file.  In your WordPress admin tool, go to Tools > Export…

I just accepted the defaults in this tool so that I would get everything.  When you click the Download Export File button, the browser will ask you where you want to save it.  You can save it to any place on your computer just so you remember where to get to it.

Now, to import it on the new site.  In your new site’s admin tool, go to Tools > Import … and click on the WordPress option:

Tools > Import

If you haven’t ever used this before, you will get this message:

Just click the Install New button.  Once installed, it should look like this:

Wordpress Import Plugin Installed

Next click the Active Plugin & Run Importer link to continue.  This takes you to the tool:

Next, it asks you about creating the user from the import.  Instead of mapping the user, I just created the same user from  I also checked the option to import attachments because I wanted everything.

Now, it actually does the import, and this may take a few minutes.  It will load a page as it goes to show you what it is importing.  When it is done, you should see this message:

Now, we have all of our posts moved!

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