What’s Up with JDIC?

I used the JDIC (JDesktop Integration Components) in a project or two of mine, and I thought it was a great start.  The world needs a single Java library that would give us access to the standard features of a Desktop.

The problem is that it seems the project is getting forsaken.  Consider this:

The Java SE Desktop Overview page has a link to the JDIC, but the link seems to be old.  The link goes to https://jdic.dev.java.net/, but that redirects to http://java.net/projects/jdic/.  The redirection was smooth when I checked today, but in the past, I saw errors that mentioned Project Kenai.  The description on this page looks a little off too.

Screenshot of the Page

The new page isn’t bad, but it is kind of weak on information.  It just has the download for the project.

Location where JDIC Redirects

When I checked the source code, it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while.  Everything looks like it is at least a year old.

Screenshot of Subversion Browsing

The downloads for the project are missing:

Screenshot of Downloads Section

Just FYI, Lauchpad has a project page for JDIC that at least has some packages.

So, is JDIC a dead project now?  Does someone know of a replacement or a new project that is getting updated?

3 thoughts on “What’s Up with JDIC?

  1. It’s a pity, but I afraid it’s true.. This project is over.. Ḯ’m looking for anything what could substitute this great feature, but with no success.. If anybody knows any similar solution, I’ll be very happy..

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