WordPress: Upgrading to 3.1.1

This may be overkill, but here is what my upgrade looked like:

First, I upgraded the plugins that have new versions:

Add To Any Upgrade

The upgrade went smoothly:

Upgrade Results

Then, Google Analyticator:

Google Analyticator

Finally, Smart YouTube:

Smart YouTube


Next, I selected all the plugins with the little checkbox in the title bar:

Select All Plugins

Now, I chose Deactivate and Apply.


Now, they are all inactive:

All Plugins Inactive

Now, I clicked on the “Please update now link”.

Update Now Link

That took me to the update page where I clicked the Update Automatically button.

Update Page

And, the Update Went Smoothly:

Update Complete

And, I didn’t forget to reactivate the plugins:

Reactivating the Plugins

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