Adding Apps to Unity’s Dash

Usually, you install apps from either the Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic or apt-get.  In those cases, the package manager automatically adds the new programs to the menu.  But, what if you install a program manually?

Before Unity, I could right click on the menu and choose Edit Menus.  Now, in Unity, that option is not there.  For that matter, the menu isn’t there.

So, I found that I could type “Main Menu” in the dash to get to the same interface as before:

Main Menu Editor

You can easily add a new menu item in this tool:

Adding Menu Item

Previously, I found that the dash didn’t pick the new menu item up until after I rebooted.  When I just tried it, it worked without me needing to reboot.  Maybe an update fixed it or something.

If you have trouble with it not working, explore this command to start and stop the indexing tool:

zeitgeist-daemon --quit

zeitgeist-daemon &


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