Chrome and Gnome, Unity Integrating?

I read about a feature on the about:flags screen entitled “Experimental GNOME menu bar support”, and it caught my attention.  Apparently, I don’t have a late enough installation of Chrome to get this feature, so I can’t play with it, but I wanted to keep my eye out.

So, I found reference to the “Experimental GNOME menu bar support” in a bug report, and it referred me to an 81170 revision.  That led me to the corresponding Code Review.  Now, it looks to me like this revision changed it.

Now, this bug is labeled part of Milestone-13, so does that mean that I won’t see it until I get Chrome 13.  Right now I have version 11.0.696.68, and 13 is a ways off unless I go to the unstable release.

Please comment if you can point out anything else.  Otherwise, it just waiting…

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