DriConf, Can you fix me?

This post is an attempt to fix at least the second of the issues on my previous post:

Ubuntu Screen Woes

I noticed that one of the comments suggested using DriConf to fix the problem.  Here is the comment:

I have tried installing driconf and turned synchronization with vertical refresh off completely. I havn’t seen this issue since.

Does anyone have similar experiences?

And, here is what I tried:

First, I used Ubuntu Software Center to install the DriConf tool:

Install DRI Conf with Ubuntu Software Center

I had some connection problems, and so I tried Synaptic instead.  That is probably just because I am using my cell phone for Internet connectivity in an area with bad signal.  You can probably stick with Ubuntu Software Center if you wish.  It doesn’t matter.

Installing DriConf with Synaptic

Note: If you want to read up on DRI Conf, check out their Wiki.

Next step is to open DriConf.  I used the Unity Dash to launch it, but in Classic you would find it under System > Preferences > 3D Acceleration.

Launch DriConf from the Dash

When it first opens, it lets you know it is going to create it’s directory:

DriConf Starting; Creating Configuration Directory

Then, I changed the first option:


I have had mixed results.  It seemed to work the first time I tried to leave the lid closed.  Then, as soon as I thought I had found a solution, it locked up on me the next time.  I just now left the lid closed while I went in the store before lunch, and I just realized that I didn’t have to reboot to get it unlocked!

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