Ubuntu Screen Woes

I have been noticing several problems with my graphics driver or screen in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.  Here’s to hoping someone can add some comments that help.

Dual Screen Problems

At work, I have a second monitor for my laptop.  If I plug the monitor in before I turn on the computer, everything works fine.  I can even unplug the monitor, run to lunch, and plug it back in.  Now, Ubuntu recognizes the monitor plugging and automatically switches between single screen and dual screen.

The problem is when I plug the monitor in after I have booted, it doesn’t work.  The second screen displays like normal.  The bar displays on the top, but the desktop area of the screen is black.  I can drag a window to the other screen, but I can’t see the window.  I can see the mouse though.  It’s not life threatening but very annoying and weird.

Lock Up Issues

I have turned my power settings to not put my computer to sleep when I close the lid.  I just have it blank the screen.  That way I can close it to move to another desk or room without having to wait for it to suspend.

A couple of times, I noticed that the screen quits responding.  I can move the mouse, and the computer seems fine, but nothing responds.  I can’t click on any of the windows, nothings seems to respond to the keyboard, and the indicators by the clock don’t work.

I have finally noticed that it seems to be when I leave the lid closed for a period of time.  Reading the bug post, I think it is after 10 minutes.  So, I can close it to move between rooms but not to drive to work.

Again, just annoying.

Here are two bug reports that seem related:

Bug #728101:  [gm45] Closing laptop lid causes screen to freeze

Bug #762918: Natty Screensaver freezes system after some period of inactivity