Gnome Do gets along with Unity

I have used Unity for a bit now, and I am not ready to ditch Gnome-Do.  Unity does overlap quite a bit, but Gnome-Do still has features that I like.

So, read below for an exploration in the some of the ways Unity falls short of Gnome Do and how to enable the two to work together.

Gnome Do

Application Searching

One of those examples is application searching.  What if I want to start Gnome-RDP?

First, I type a “G” because my first thought is to start typing Gnome…

Searching for Gnome RDP with Unity

At this point, Gnome RDP isn’t even on the list.  So, I added an “N”:

Searching for Gnome RDP in Unity

Now, I see two similarly named applications — Gnome Do and Gnome RDP.  I should be able to just type “R” because it is the first character between the two that is different.  Unfortunately, Unity isn’t this smart:

Searching for Applications in Unity

In contrast, Gnome Do picks Gnome-RDP just with the first key:

Gnome Do with G pressed

Since it picked Gnome-RDP first, let’s try to open Gnome Do.  We can just press a “Do”.  Now, it comes up!

Gnome Do with GDO Pressed

Shutting Down from the Keyboard

One thing Unity doesn’t seem to be able to do: Shutdown.  No options show when you type shutdown:

Shutdown in Unity gives no options

Power off gives nothing too:

Power Off in Unity gives no options

By contrast, Gnome Do can shutdown easily:

Shutdown feature for Gnome Do

Configuring to Work Together

The key problem is that both use the “Super” key (or, in the Windows world, the “Start” key).  I have seen several other guides that reconfigure Gnome Do to use a different key combination.

For this, you can go into the Gnome Do Preferences:

Then, you can change the “Summon Do” keyboard combo:

Changing Summon Do Preference

Instead, Unity is the new kid on the block so let’s try to change it instead.  You know, be fair!  So, open up the Compiz Config manager (you may need to install it from Ubuntu Software Center).

Opening Compiz Config

Then, find the Ubuntu Unity Plugin options, and click on it.

Unity in Compiz Config

Now, what we want to change is the “Key to Show the Launcher”.

Unity's Key to Show Launcher Setting

About this time, I found an interesting article about how Andrew customized his desktop. His choice was Shift+Super.  I think that I am going to try Ctrl + Super because I think it will be easier on my fingers.

New Key Combo for Unity

Now, with the Cntrl + Super option, Gnome Do works!

Gnome Do Shortcut works with Unity Shortcut Changedaa

Note: Super + A used to open the Applications Lense and Super + F used to open the Files Lense.  Those have been changed now to Cntrl + Super + A and Cntrl + Super + F.

Applications Lense


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