Software to Try: Cloudsn

I had an issue earlier this week where I become engrossed in my task at hand and did not check my email for about 45 minutes.  Well, someone promised me in a meeting in 15 minutes, and I didn’t see the email until 30 minutes after the meeting.

So, I began searching for a notification tool that would pop up my emails.  For some reason, the HTML 5 pop ups that GMail offers aren’t consistent enough.  Here comes Cloudsn to the rescue.

Here’s my story implementing Cloudsn:


I just downloaded the latest deb from the Download page.  Then, I opened the Deb and clicked install.

Then, I could easily launch it:

In Ubuntu Classic, you will find on the menu at Applications > Internet > Cloud Services Notifications

Cloudsn on the Menu

To make it automatically run in the background once I login, I added it to the Startup Applications (Note this may not be necessary.  I didn’t try opening the program’s preferences and saving them — that might do it for you):

Adding Cloudsn to Startup

So, this is what I have installed (About screen):

Cloudsn About Window


The next step is to set up the accounts in the tool.  So, let’s pop open the perferences by right clicking on the notification icon.

Cloudsn Context Menu

That opens the Cloudsn application, and I can click New to add a new email account to watch:

Adding a New Account

Then, I filled in the settings.  It was pretty straight forward.

New Account Window

Finally, I changed my perferences.

The “indicate status with” option is the main one that I changed.

Preferences Window

Which Labels

One of the things that I don’t really understand is which label it uses by default.  Where is it getting its unread count?  I didn’t configure one in the preferences.  Right now, it says I have 20 emails.

Unread Count in Cloudsn

None of the counts in GMail match:

GMail Unread Counts

I tried to add a label to the settings, but it would not take it for some reason.  I don’t understand why.


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