Installing Flash on Fedora 15

I found a plethora of information about installing Flash on Fedora 15, so I am not going to go into detail. Here’s the decision I made though: I had to decide between going with the standard 32bit plugin wrapped to work on 64bit or use the experimental native 64bit plugin. I chose the 32bit plugin because I have made enough bleeding edge choices that haven’t worked out easily. Flash is just one of those things that you don’t expect a lot of features from, you just want the web pages to work.

So, below are the commands I used. Please follow the links at the end for better instructions. If you have trouble, maybe these commands will help give you an idea of what worked for me.

Downloaded from

Downloading Flash

Then ran:

su -c "yum update"

su -c 'yum install nspluginwrapper.{x86_64,i686} alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 --disablerepo=adobe-linux-i386'
su -c 'yum install flash-plugin'

su -c "ln -s /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins-wrapped/ /usr/lib64/chromium-browser/plugins"

I also did these extra Adobe things:

su -c "yum install AdobeReader_enu"

su -c "yum install gtk2-devel.i686 nss.i686 libxml2-devel.i686 libxslt.i686 \ 
gnome-keyring.i686 rpm-devel.i686 rpm-build rpm-build-libs.i686  \
libgnome-keyring.i686 \ nss-devel.i686"

su -c "yum install adobeair"


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