ICS ROM Update for HD2

My HD2 Phone
I decided it was time for a whole new post listing the latest Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS for the HD2 phone.  A few new ones have popped up since my last list.Currently, I have been following Tytung’s ROMs.  I am on his NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 v1.2.  So, here is a list of links relating to his ROMs:

Here are a few more other ROMs out there:

Note: SportsStar89’s ROM is discontinued.  According to this post, he doesn’t have a working HD2 anymore.  Apparently, he dropped it, cracked the digitizer, and broke it more trying to repair it.
I have picked up a number of source sites from these links that would be handy for creating a ROM.

I can’t forget to mention the HD2 ROM site that lists all of the ROMs out there: HTC HD2 Android Roms/Builds.

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