Android: I have Jelly Bean!

Thanks to ThdDude and his Unofficial CM10 HD2 ROM, I now have Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) on my phone.  I thought I would show off a few pictures and at least capture the link to his XDA Thread so that I can remember where to go back for updates.

Jelly Bean ROMS for HD2

Right now, using the HD2 ROMs page, I see three different ROMs out there.  I have only tried the one at this point, but here is the list of ROMs I know of:

My Home Screen

For starters, here is the way I have my home screen customized.  I removed the stock clock, and I added the Fancy Widgets clock.  I also removed the messaging and Email to replace them with Gesture Search and GMail.


One of the new features in Jelly Bean is the notifications.  I like how they are dynamic and adjust to the situation.  For example, the following screenshots show a bunch of notifications all together.  Notice how they are packed in together and take up the minimal amount of space.

When, I clear out some of the notifications, notice how the email notification expands to show more information now that it has room.

Application Switcher

I don’t think this is new to Jelly Bean, but it has the ICS Application Switcher.  When you hold the Home key down, you get this:

Google Now

I just stumbled on the Google Now interface.  I had read a little about, but I just now accidentally pulled it up.  To open it, you click on the search bar on the home screen:

It brings up an interface that looks like this.  The various cards give you information:

When you talk, it has updated the interface.  I have read that now this voice recognition happens on your phone and we don’t have to go to the web to get it to recognize.

Version Information

Here is the basic information from the Settings > About screen.

Here are the build details:

If you tap on the Android Version, you’ll see this easter egg:

The Lock Screen

The lock screen has a slightly different feel to it.  Just a different look…


One disappointment I had was that Chrome would not install.  It said that it was not compatible with this version!

I wonder if this is because hardware acceleration is not included yet?

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