Installing Ubuntu 12.10

This post begins my Install steps for Ubuntu 12.10.  This is my second Linux installation on this new laptop, and I am trying to document the steps that I take.  Usually, the actual install process is pretty straight forward, and I don’t need to do anything special, but this one was a little different.  Here are the steps that I took…

Install Media

This time the ISO was too big to fit on a regular CD.  I had been using Re-Writable CDs that I had bought a long time ago for the process.  They only store 700M though, and the image is 763M.

So, I had to use a USB key that I had instead.  I found some good instructions in the Ubuntu documentation: Creating a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive.  I used the “Startup Disk Creator”.

It seemed to detect everything.  I just clicked “Make Startup Disk”.

After a few minutes, it tried to install the bootloader on the USB key.

That required authentication:

That didn’t take long, and the installation was complete.


Here’s a quick walk through of the screens in the install process.

Here’s the checklist of prerequisites:

Now, I had to choose the partitions.  I usually re-install each time to get a clean installation.

To take advantage of the SSD drive in my laptop, I had to use the “advanced partitioning tool”.

Here’s where I select the SSD drive as the root.  Then, my regular terabyte drive I had mounted as the home directory.

This shot shows the SDD drive:

Now, while it installs, I selected the timezone.

I took the default keyboard layout that it detected.

Now, I entered my username and computer details.

Now, I could use the webcam on my laptop to set my photo.  Don’t look too close at the picture; it was early.

Then, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to install.

After waiting a bit, it was done, and I was ready to boot into the new OS for the first time.

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