Google Voice Voicemail Rings

I have really enjoyed using the Google Voice option for voicemail on my cell phone.  The cool part is that it sends me an email with the voicemail message.  The message is attached in sound form and it also makes an attempt to do voice recognition.  The one disadvantage is that it rings way too many times.  Some people give up on leaving a message because it rings so many times.  Well, thanks to Evan Wondrasek, I found a fix!

Here’s the original article:

Techorator: How to Prevent Extra Rings using Google Voice as Voicemail

Basically, you just set the forwarding option to “Go straight to voicemail”.  Evan provides an excellent explanation, but just in case, I wanted to grab a few screenshots myself.

From the Google Voice Inbox, I went to settings in the upper right hand corner…

Opening Google Settings

Next, I clicked edit on my cell phone:

Editing the Cell Phone Under Settings

Then, I had to click on advanced settings to get to the forwarding options:

Google Voice Advanced Phone Settings

At the bottom, I set the forwarding option to “Go straight to voicemail”:

Forwarding Option Setting

After that, I called my Google Voice number from my home phone.  It rang and went straight to voicemail in 5 rings.  Then, I called my cell phone number from my home number and it went straight to voice mail in 4 – 5 rings.  That did the trick for me!

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