Fixing CDRecord

I’ve been trying to back up my computer, and I have a virtual machine that is rather large.  I am using a Samsung Blu-Ray burner, and I am having trouble.  Brasero just bombed out at the beginning of the burn.  So, I went back to K3b.  That did the trick mostly, but I ran into issues at the end of every disk.  So, I found a nice article on Ubuntu Forums.

Here are my notes on implementing the fix…

I already had K3b installed.  So, I just downloaded the cdrecord program.  Here’s the commands

tar xvf cdrtools*.gz
cd cdrtools*

The version that I ended up with was 3.0.1.  I installed it with

sudo make install

Then, I went to Settings > Configure K3b.  I found that I had to close K3b and reopen it before I saw the newly installed cdrecord program there.

K3b Settings - cdrecord path

After that, I enabled the show advanced settings option in the “Advanced” section.

K3b settings -- advanced GUI options

Finally, I changed the temporary path to a location that had more storage.  This may have been the real issue because my image was over 15G and my free space in my regular temp directory was 7G.

K3b Settings - changing the temp directory

Now, I was ready to burn my disc.  I checked two different options on the Burn dialog.

K3b Burn Dialog - forcing cdrecord

After that, it burned successfully.


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