Ubuntu 14.04: Installing Trusty Tahr

Time to upgrade again.  Each time Linux comes out, I try to install everything from scratch.  I could upgrade, but this keeps me consistent in backing things up and helps me revisit my install steps.

This post is just simply going through the installer and selecting the different options.  If you want to follow along with the other steps in my install, check out the main installation page:

Ubuntu 14.04 Install Page

So, here’s what I did…

I selected the Try Ubuntu option.  Then, I installed Shutter so that I could take screenshots for my notes.  Finally, I double clicked on the Install icon to launch the install wizard.  Here’s the first page.  Of course, I selected to go through the wizard in English.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 1

Next, I checked the option to download updates while installing.  I had also previously used the network manager indicator by the clock to connect to my wireless router giving me Internet connectivity during the install.  I am very pleased that my wireless card works even on the live CD.

Also, I have never delved into understanding the “Install this third-party software” option.  I’ll spend some time later making sure that I have the codecs that I need, so I’ll worry about it then.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 2

Normally, I would select “Erase Ubuntu 13.10 and reinstall”, but my laptop has special requirements.  I have an SSD drive, and I want to use that as my main drive for the root partition.  I don’t think it will do that by default.  (Or, at least, it didn’t do that in previous versions.)

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 3

I chose my standard, large drive as the location for my home directory.  That gives me plenty of place to store files and play with things.  You’ll also notice other partitions.  Those are for a Windows installation that I keep for just in case I have a work requirement that requires Windows.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 4 Disk 1

Next, I selected the partition on the SSD drive for my root directory.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 4 Disk 2

Finally, I selected the Swap Area.  It is just another partition on the SSD drive.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 4 Swap Disk

Now, I need to select my time zone.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 5

I kept the default for the keyboard.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 6

Then, I configured the details for my user account.  I selected to encrypt the home directory for security reasons.

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Page 7

It took a while to copy.  It kind of hung at this point, and I went off to do another chore.  When I came back, it was ready to reboot!

Trusty Tahr Install Wizard Reboot Dialog

After the reboot, one of the first things it did was to prompt for saving the encryption security key.  I clicked the “Run this action now” to do that.

Recording encryption passphrase

It opens a command prompt.  I entered my password that I use to log into the computer at the “passphrase” prompt.

Passphrase Prompt

Finally, the desktop opened a second window regarding installing update.  I don’t understand this because at the beginning, I selected the “Download updates while installing” option.  It seems like that should have updated everything during the install so that nothing would have been already updated.

Updates Available Dialog

Anyway, I went ahead and installed the updates.

Updated Prompt


Next Steps

If you want to continue on to part 2, please see the next post about restoring files.  Or, can you see the list of posts on the main install page.

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