Java Security Exception Site for WebEx

I’ve been having trouble opening WebEx because of a Java error message.  The “security settings have blocked the application”.  Here’s what I did to fix it…

Error message:

Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running.

So, when I start the meeting, this is what it looks like:

WebEx Java Error


The page then shows an error box.  If you click on the error, you get this message:

Java WebEx Error


Next, I needed to know which version of Java we are dealing with here.  I have multiple installed, and I forget which is connected to the browser.  Going to the Java Test Page tells me that I have Java 8 Update 31 installed.

I need to add a site exception, which means that I need to figure out how to get to the control panel.  According to Ask Ubuntu, it is located at $JAVA_HOME/bin/ControlPanel, which for me is: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/bin/ControlPanel.  It is also on the path for me at /usr/bin/ControlPanel

I also found that if I search “Control Panel” in the Unity menu, that it shows up.

Once in the control panel, I had to go to the Security tab, and add an exception.  I tried the site for my company first:

Adding Company Exception

That didn’t work.  I had to add the generic URL:

Adding Generic Exception to Java Control Panel

Then, it worked fine and opened the Meeting Center with no problem.  I did have to agree to a warning first:

Java Security Warning


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