JPG Loading Issue

Unfortunately, this issue is unsolved for me. I found plenty of things that fixed it for other people, so maybe they will help you. If you have an idea of something else to try, please comment.

My laptop will not load jpeg files for some reason. Chrome and Internet browsing works just fine. I can see all images there, but I can’t see jpeg images in Eye of Gnome. The worst is that I can’t see the background. The desktop background is just blue.

Here’s my troubleshooting notes:

In Eye of Gnome, when I open up the background image, I get this message:

“Could not load image “20180717-StinkBugSmiley_EN-US7711508774_1920x1080.jpg”.”
“Unrecognized image file format”

I read about the gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders. That output seemed okay.

$ gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders | grep jpeg
"jpeg" 5 "gdk-pixbuf" "JPEG" "LGPL"
"image/jpeg" ""
"jpeg" "jpe" "jpg" ""

I checked for missing libglib packages. It seemed to be installed.

$ dpkg -l | grep libglib
ii  libglib-object-introspection-perl                                0.044-2                                                                     amd64        Perl bindings for gobject-introspection libraries
ii  libglib-perl                                                     3:1.326-1build1                                                             amd64        interface to the GLib and GObject libraries
ii  libglib2.0-0:amd64                                               2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             amd64        GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-0:i386                                                2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             i386         GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib2.0-bin                                                   2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             amd64        Programs for the GLib library
ii  libglib2.0-data                                                  2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             all          Common files for GLib library
ii  libglib2.0-dev:amd64                                             2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             amd64        Development files for the GLib library
ii  libglib2.0-dev-bin                                               2.56.1-2ubuntu1                                                             amd64        Development utilities for the GLib library
ii  libglibmm-2.4-1v5:amd64                                          2.56.0-1                                                                    amd64        C++ wrapper for the GLib toolkit (shared libraries)

Next, I tried to reinstall a bunch of packages. It didn’t help.

  • eog
  • eog-plugins
  • libjpeg-turbo8
  • libjpeg
  • shared-mime-info

I tried the “display” command, and the image opened with no problems.

$ display -verbose 20180717-StinkBugSmiley_EN-US7711508774_1920x1080.jpg 
20180717-StinkBugSmiley_EN-US7711508774_1920x1080.jpg JPEG 1920x1080 1920x1080+0+0 8-bit sRGB 348KB 0.050u 0:00.059

I tried to reconfigure a couple of packages:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0
sudo dpkg-reconfigure libglib2.0-0

So, I’m not sure where to go next to fix this. It’s a very annoying problem.


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