Ubuntu 20.04: Tweaking

This is part of my series installing Ubuntu 20.04 of my laptop. These are my notes for the different tweaks and utilities that didn’t really fit in any other category.


Here are just a couple of utilities that are nice to have on the laptop:

sudo apt install menulibre \
      p7zip-full p7zip-rar \
      synaptic \

Many of these I’ll use later. For example, menulibre allows me to easily add programs to the Gnome menu that I had to install manually. 7zip is good for compressing things. Synaptic makes it easier to install some things. The Gnome Tweak Tool options up additional options that I’ll set below.

Settings Tweaks

Opening up the Gnome Tweak Tool, “Tweaks”:

  • Top Bar > Clock — checked “Weekday”
  • Top Bar > checked “Battery Percentage”
  • Windows > unchecked “Attach Modal Dialogs”

In the regular settings app:

  • Date & Time > Time Format — changed to AM/PM

Gnome Extensions

First you have to install the package that connects the Chrome Browser to the extensions and allows it to manage them:

sudo apt install chrome-gnome-shell

These are the extensions that I installed:

These are easy to install from the web page. You can just switch the slider to “On”:

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