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NetFlix on Linux? Thank you Chrome?

Okay, it hasn’t happened yet, but this article sounds promising.  I think the Chrome OS has put its first mark of influence on the world.  From what I read, there is a push to get Netflix working ChromeOS.  As a by product, it should allow it to work on Ubuntu or any Linux running the Chrome browser.

OMG!Ubuntu! Netflix Chrome plugin will bring on-demand video to Linux

The Chrome Source: Netflix Plug-in for Chrome and Chrome OS is on the Way

From Netflix:

HTML5 and Video Streaming

Update: I see people asking, but still nothing to report: Google Groups: Chrome OS Netflix Plugin release date

Great Link: App List for Ubuntu

I ran across this link recently, and I always want to share great lists of applications.  Building your toolbox is always fun.  Or should we say loading the app under the Christmas tree!

Ubuntu Linux Help: More Useful Open Source Applications 2011

PDF Mod is the new app that I picked up right away off the list.  I haven’t had a lot of chance to use it yet, but I think it will come in handy.  Install it with this link: apt:pdfmod.


To Watch: Free Software University

I would say Software to Watch, but it’s more learning to watch.  I made it through college.  Do I really want more punishment?  Well, I guess I am a nerd.  Bring it on!  Knowledge is always something I can use more of.  Maybe I will even get the chance to teach.  In any regard, keep an eye on this Free Software University.


Great Link: How to Become and Amazing Open Source Person

I ran across this the other day:

Open How to become an amazing contributor (to an open source project)

I would love to be one of those people in the story.  Being amazing is always a good thing.  Actually, one of the things that stood out to me was that this is a two way street.  The author was lauding these people, but at the same time, they commented on how it was easy to contribute.  They found documentation that helped.  The code was structured in a way that made hacking easier.  I think both the contributor and contributee are amazing.

Fedora and Pixar

While catching up on blogs, I noticed that Paul mentioned he saw Pixar was using Fedora with Toy Story. You can read is posts here and here.

I think it is cool to see Linux used in real world applications. Sometimes it seems like Linux just gets pushed off as a hobbyist tool. In the PeopleSoft world, Linux isn’t an option for the developer’s desktop. Here recently, I have been working with SQL Server installations on Windows servers even for the server side. I feel like a loner as a PeopleSoft developer who uses Linux.  But, Linux has been good to me, as I am sure it has been to Pixar.

On a side note, I went poking around the Internet to see if I could find any more information. I did see that Meta Headers seems to show that Pixar uses Fedora for their web server: “The Server powered by Apache 2.0.49 (Fedora) webserver.” Other than that, I didn’t see anything else related.

So, let me add my two cents to the blogosphere: Good Job Fedora.  Good Job Pixar.

Attack on Experts Exchange

I can’t tell you how many times I have been searching for something and I find an excellent search result in Google only to find that on the site I have to pay to see the answer. Frustrating! And, Experts Exchange is one of the main culprits.

Just recently, I have seen a number of blog posts pointing to the Personal Block List extension. Here is a list of articles written:

Only one of those articles mentions Experts Exchange, but I thought was funny that one of the reviews said, “Awesome. I have been wanting to block for soooo long.
Thank you devs.” I am sure there are a number of other sites that are similar.

I did notice, too, that Google will know about what you choose to block: “The personal blocklist extension will transmit to Google the patterns that you choose to block.” I wonder if there is or will be a way to see that from Google Analytics?

Anyway, Happy Blocking…

Great Link: Teaching Open Source

Yesterday, I came across this Teaching Open Source website while reading Max Spevax’s Post.  Here are some of the different things I found on the site:

The textbook is the biggest thing.  Right now, you can go look at Version 0.8 of their textbook.  This is something I need to go through.