Thanks CyanogenMod — My G1 Isn’t That Out of Date!

Yea!  I have Froyo finally!  Several Co-workers had rooted their phones and were talking about it, and I thought I would take a look.  I was skeptical, but the instructions I found weren’t too bad.  It was a little scary working around all of the warnings, but the end result was a version of Android 2.2 on my HTC G1 phone.

I didn’t keep good notes of exactly what I did.  I was more concern with getting it done rather than blogging it, but basically, I started with the instructions at The Unlocker.  The AndRoot application didn’t work for me, so I ended up going to Cyanogen’s Website for the directions.  I could have probably just used the original instructions at The Unlocker even though it said they were outdated.

I did just have one issue yesterday that I noticed.  My battery was draining much faster than normal.  Ever since my battery went bad and I replaced it with a 2200mah battery, I haven’t had to worry about conserving power.  My phone could easily last two full days with no charging.  Yesterday, it died after one day of use, and I didn’t hardly do anything special.

I found this post, and it seems to have fixed the problem!  All I did was disable the notifications on the Downloads screen of the Market application.

The two new big features that I gained through all of this were the Wireless Tether and the Chrome to Phone.  Both of those features were things I had admired from Google IO.  The Wireless Tether worked with no problem.  I tested with my laptop the other night, and it worked pretty fast.  I had to configure the wireless settings like the SID and the security key.  Then, I could connect to it with Network Manager the same way I connect to my home router.  The Chrome to Phone tool worked pretty good too, but I haven’t played with it much.

In the process of reinstalling, I had to download a few new applications.  One of the areas that I found new programs was for my Guitar.  I decided to try out ChordBoard.  It is a great program, but I think I am going to have to find something else because it doesn’t have sharps or flats.  The other application is gStrings, which is a tuner that works great.  You can play a string, and it will tell you if it is in tune.

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