WordPress: Fixing the Link Button

Since this last upgrade to WordPress 3.2.1, I have been having trouble using the link button in the Visual Editor.  The link button doesn’t do anything, and looking in the Javascript Console, I see an error.  I’ve noticed that it works in Firefox but not Chrome.  Also, it works fine in the HTML view but not the Visual view.

Javascript Chrome Error for Link Button

The weird part is that I installed a fresh installation of WordPress using Lunar Page’s Softaculous system.  The new installation had no problems.

I found a pretty nice forum post that has some things to try.  Unfortunately, none of them really worked.  I have disabled all of the plugins, and that didn’t seem to make a difference.  I also installed all of the plugins into my new instance, and that didn’t break that one.  I copied all the wp-includes from the new instance to the old one, and that didn’t fix it either.

I did find a work around: TinyMCE Advanced. Under settings, I enabled the “Advanced Links”. That replaces the dialog and works around the javascript error.

I would love to fix it for good through. Please comment if you have any other ideas.


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