Eclipse + JavaFX

I just ran across a couple of encouraging comments on the Net…

Here’s the first link:

Announcing JavaFX Scene Builder Public Beta

I found this in the comments:

 Is Scene Builder going to be integrated with Netbeans and Eclipse in future?

Ya, we designed it so that the SceneBuilder could be embedded in IDEA, Eclipse, and NetBeans. Obviously we’ll be doing the work on NetBeans and hopefully Thomas or somebody in the community will plug it into Eclipse

I also found this ticket.  (Maybe something to watch?) Trac:Ticket #120 (new enhancement)

That project has an installation page.  I’ll have to try that out.  For now, let me just write it down…

efxclipse Installation page

I did find a nice tutorial for using JavaFX with Eclipse (its a little old because it doesn’t list Linux):

Java FX for Eclipse

The Linux files are here:

Index of /general/javafx/eclipse/

And, while I am at it, I want to use Swing with JavaFX, and this tutorial looks like a great place to start:

JavaFX for Swing Developers

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