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Jake pointed out this cool little tool that inspects a website:


So, I thought I would test a few sites that I have visited in the past:

Here are some CMS platforms that I tried (from the List of CMS’s):

This is a very simple test and not thorough at all.  Just playing with curiosity.

If I had one suggestion, I think it would be cool to detect Advertising providers (like AdSense, etc).  I would love to know what others are using.

3 thoughts on “Website Detector

  1. Thanks for checking out the tool Stephen.

    Within your list we do have a few of the platforms, but will definitely check the ones that you did not get / received misleading hits around. Behind the scenes I use a dictionary of sorts to determine the closest fit for a site.

    The ones that you did not get detection around have not be included yet – will definitely research them and roll them in.

    Will take a look at your list above and provide an update with broadening support to include / correct.


    1. John,

      Thanks for the reply and for building the tool. This post was as much a bookmark for me to remember your tool as anything. As I come across other cool blogs, this is an easy way to see what they are using to create their blog. I like to learn from other people and other websites.

      It would be really nice if you could list the plugins they use, the blogs they read, the OS software they use, and how they find their time to blog. That might take a bit of magic, but did you see my comment about Advertising providers? Did you have any thoughts on whether that is possible?



  2. Hey Stephen,

    Np! It was a good bit of fun putting it together. I have updated the tool now and it should work / correctly identify most of the sites above now (finally).

    I will have to spend some time looking at Django and OpenCMS to finalize an approach for them.

    Will definitely see what can be done around the other items you mentioned, as the detection framework is very configurable. If I have any other updates – will definitely reply here.

    Thanks again for the post!


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