Getting Skype to work on Ubuntu 11.10

A while back, I typed up my research on Skype, and I forgot to publish it.  My more recent installations on my current laptop haven’t required as much tinkering to get it to work.  Still this article might help someone, and I already had it put together.  So, here it goes…

I was able to install Skype on Ubuntu 11.10 quite easily.  The problem was that it was only minimally working.  I had no sound and it would not detect my laptop’s webcam.

Sound Issue

The first issue was that I had no sound.  Come to find out, my notifications sound was muted and turned all the way down.  I launched “System Settings” from the dash.  Then, I went to “Sound”:

Selecting Sound from System Settings

Then, I had to uncheck the Mute option and I slide the volume up to the top:

Adjusting the volume for the notifications


Using the lsusb command, I found that I have this web camera built into my laptop:

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 05a9:2640 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. OV2640 Webcam

This fixed it for me:

sudo rmmod uvcvideo
sudo modprobe uvcvideo

You can try to run Skype like this:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

You may need to search for the library because it may be in a different location:

$ locate


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