Ubuntu 16.04 — Media Programs

This is a continuation of my notes on installing Ubuntu 16.04. In this post, I install the programs that I use for working with different kinds of media like recording audio or creating videos.

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One of the most important programs that I use now is Shutter. It allows me to easily take screenshots of what I am working and edit the screenshots. The shutter package is easily installed from the Software Center. Once installed, I tweaked a few of the settings in Edit > Preferences.

The Shutter website has a repository for the latest updates, but the official Ubuntu repository already has the latest version.

First, I change the directory where it saves the screenshots:

Shutter Directory Change for Ubuntu 16.04

Second, I configured it to load automatically hidden only showing the indicator:

Shutter autostarting for Ubuntu 16.04


I installed the following other programs for working with visual media:

  • Gimp: for editing photos
  • Inkscape: vector-based drawing
  • Xournal: has features that allow marking up a PDF

<br />
sudo apt-get install \<br />
    gimp \<br />
    gimp-data-extras \<br />
    inkscape \<br />
    xournal<br />

For the scanner to work over the network, I had to put in the IP address into /etc/sane.d/net.conf.


I installed the following audio programs:

<br />
sudo apt-get install audacity<br />

Note: I attempted to install the latest version of MuseScore from the repo. Unfortunately, they haven’t updated the repo to include Xenial.

<br />
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mscore-ubuntu/mscore-stable<br />
  sudo apt-get update<br />
  sudo apt-get install musescore<br />


These are the programs I use for playing and editing video:

<br />
sudo apt-get install \<br />
    gnome-mplayer \<br />
    vlc \<br />
    kdenlive \<br />
    openshot \<br />
    youtube-dl<br />

Then, I installed the codecs for videos:

<br />
sudo apt-get install \<br />
    libdvdnav4 \<br />
    libdvdread4 \<br />
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad \<br />
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly \<br />
    ubuntu-restricted-extras<br />


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